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Acclivity means an incline upward like the slope of a hill. We offer a lot of different services aimed at improving your website and getting it found by real customers. The slope represents the increased successes that come with the hard work, creativity and ongoing care that a successful website.

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We continuously work to set new goals, build more traffic and leverage new technologies for each of our clients. Acclivity, Inc is a composed of a small team of designers, writers and marketers who provide quality web services to our clients and give them the ongoing personal attention and tools they need to be successful online. Were a different kind of Search Marketing Company.

Browse some of our individual services below and contact us for a free consultation. We also author a syndicated blog on Search Marketing & Website Design that provides free articles and advice. We love what we do and we hope it shows.

Social Networking and Team Building

Softball Team Merrill Lynch In this exclusive preview to the “Power to the People” speech to the regional owners of Exit Realty this year, Patty Plourde, a real estate veteran of many years will say:

“I started my Real Estate sales career in 1985 with a large independent firm.  We were a community.  Realtors worked hard and played hard.  Each of the 20 office’s had a softball team; we played each other Wednesday nights and went out for beer after the game.  I looked forward to it all week.  I knew everyone in my office. We talked shop.  I was motivated by those around me.  In the 80’s it wasn’t unusual to work the Midnight oil.  It wasn’t hard to get another Realtor to work late shift with me, we enjoyed it.  We lived and breathed Real Estate day and night. “

“Fast forward 23 years later…tonight I spoke to a Realtor who didn’t know the agent in her office I was referring to. They both worked there several years.  She didn’t know many of the Realtors in her 150 person office. She arrives at her sprawling place of business and walks straight to her office, without speaking to anyone.  There is a lack of connection with others in our business…..  In the late 90’s our large independent firm was one of 350 offices swallowed up around the country…. There are no more softball games, after hours jam sessions, or free love…. The Mega Brokers took the power away from our Realtors. They didn’t want free thinkers, team builders and entrepreneurs.   It was OK to have Real Estate Companies that didn’t make a decent profit.  The goal for these brokerages was not about making money on the Real Estate side.  They wanted to sell the Realtors and their clients everything from a lawn mower to a vacation.  The Realtors and their clients became a means to an end. Having 150 mediocre agents was better than 25 super stars.  I know this story well, it happened to me too. I was depressed, lost my creative juices, and my belief I was to special and unique”.  It wasn’t about me…it was about the company, their plans, their model, their dreams.  As an independent contractor, I wasn’t allowed to be too independent.  We had all become dependent through subversive leadership.  I didn’t realize what I had become until I left my company of 20 years…for a dream.  Now I can look back and see how I had become white noise. Engaging the Realtors and hiring the “free thinkers” who are passionate and creative.

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