Understanding Effectiveness Of Social Media In The Middle East

Social media has strong impact in the Middle East. It has played a significant role in the Arab Spring that changed the lives of people in countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen. Aside from these important events relative to the usage of social media, the growing number of members among social media networks is good enough reason for marketers to consider this platform.

Businesses who want to use social media marketing in their internet marketing efforts will find it effective. In an article published in the Dubai Chronicle entitled, “Economic Impact of Social Media in Middle East.” It was mentioned that in the MENA Region alone there are about 45 million monthly active users. Likewise, there are about 20 million mobile monthly users that connect to social media networks.

Because of the growth and popularity of social media networks, companies and advertisers have tailored their digital strategies to use Facebook in targeting the Middle Eastern users. While it has huge coverage, using social media in advertising and promotion need not stop at posting your advertisements and leaving it to work on its own.

It is necessary that you manage a social community. Engagement is the key in effectively social media marketing. Your customers need to know that you are interested in them. They want to know that businesses care for what they think and what they feel. If you leave your advertisement alone, waiting for the clicks among social media users, customers may trickle, but it will not flood.

If you want customer to flood towards your site or your product landing pages, you have to connect to social media users, know them well. Interact and analyze what they seek. Manage a community of followers who will be willing to make a purchase, share their experiences and invite their friends to try what you are offering.

In the same article, it is mentioned that 50% of the social media users are 25 years old and below. This means that there is younger population in social media networks.

Furthermore, connecting to social media networks has been growing through the use of smart phones and other mobile devices like tablets.

In this case, marketers should focus their attention in connecting to the younger population and making them followers of your brand. You may also need to set up your site and your campaigns to be mobile device friendly to take advantage of this innovation.

Furthermore, digital marketing is the fastest growing platform in the MENA Region. It has accounted for 4% of the total advertising spent in 2011. This is however expected to grow to as much as 35% from 2011 to 2015.

Do you want to seize this opportunity?

Do you want to use social media marketing in promoting your products and services online?

If you do, then you have to make sure that you consider the demographics and the engagement necessary. Advertising on Facebook through its pay to promote model is good but engagement is still necessary. You have to manage your community. They have to know you care and they will care back to you and your products.

Take advantage of the trend, this is the best way for you to effectively utilize social media networks in your marketing efforts.

Finally, being careful in delivering your messages, especially in the MENA Region is necessary. Even countries that were affected by the Arab Spring can be a marketplace for you. However, you have to be careful not to offend the Muslim community and the government. This is necessary to keep your business and campaigns online.

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