What to expect from Social Media Systems Social Media Placement services?

First two to three week startup after initial funds are received

Suggestions for changes to the target website are provided/executed, on-site optimization, detailed questionnaire requested from customer explaining how they would like to be represented and target words, beginning business bio (discovery and advice period)

Within first 30 – 45 days: within two weeks after completed questionnaire is received: Social media site is created, and or installed into existing site: customer is trained to be able to use it, edit it at will.

Customer approves look and feel and edits are made.

Social media solution pushing optimized target site with beginning content is promoted: submitted to over 3000 search engines and feed syndicates and aggregators; profiles at social media sites are created manually aided by technology (link building)

Industry Related Link building begins with our writers writing a few strategically placed articles to start things off and create links in from industry specific authority source sites

First 90 days ongoing

Posting and content building within social media site, development and tracking of lead capture strategy based on initial results, Google analytics tracking of results, ongoing, gradual link-building on social media sites.

Some placement for searches is achieved, preparations for increased page-rank at quarterly Google update is achieved, traffic is tracked and results documented, strategy is revisited based on results


Ongoing link-building, posting, promotion offsite, theme updates when things change at the search engines and/or improvements are available, strategic development and tracking continually build links, traffic, ranking, and sales.

Ongoing clients are represented exclusively for their target market by SMS (conflicts of interest are not allowed for ongoing clientele). The service is cumulative: over time, there is almost no search placement that cannot be achieved, especially after the first 120 days, allowing for the solution to be re-ranked in the Google quarterly updates after link building and on and offsite optimization has been achieved. Organic traffic can be expected to increase by at least double to begin with (first ninety days), up to over ten times original levels in the first six months.

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We have a pricing model based on our performance.

Our pricing is straight-forward and client friendly. The setup and initial ninety days of our marketing campaign is covered by a low cost initial commitment. After ninety days, our clients have the option to continue using our proven services. There are no long-term commitments or extravagant fees. If our services are generating more than they cost, you will be happy to be our client for a very long time.

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