How To Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense Account

There are many people who have lost confidence in monetizing a blog with Google Adsense Account because they barely make money. All they leave are a few cents or euros a month. Nothing worthwhile if you consider that the important thing to be successful with Google Adsense is to generate a lot of content, right?

The online advertising Google Adsense does not necessarily have to be the best way to monetize a blog. However, if we make some bugs, it is logical that Google Adsense does not work. But it is that would not work other methods to obtain income, since many sometimes speak of:

  • Blogs with low volume of visits a day.
  • Blogs too generic.
  • Websites where Adsense ads are misplaced.
  • Themes for which Google Adsense is not the best idea.

If you are thinking about monetizing your blog with Google Adsense Account and you want to be successful, it is better that your blog does not fit in any of the four cases that I mentioned. If that happens, we will have to make some changes to our blog before we can succeed in Adsense. Let’s look step by step cases where Google Adsense does not work and how we can fix it.

Case 1: My blog has few visits

One of the big mistakes in Adsense is to try to monetize our blog almost nothing else to start the project. In this way, two things happen:

  • Readers realize that you are much more concerned about making money from advertising than about giving them quality content.
  • As you have hardly any visitors, you only get clicks and impressions, so the revenues are quite low.

In this case, before you even think about monetizing your blog with Adsense and being successful, you need to increase the visitors traffic to your blog . Normally, you cannot talk about enough revenue in Adsense if there is a high traffic of visitors. If someone clicks, it will be sporadically, not daily, so that the income at the end of the month will be extremely low.

What do I mean by a high volume of visits?

20 visits a day is very little. 50 also is. Even 100 visits. Ideally, let’s talk about four-figure amounts: 1000 daily visits is okay to monetize with Adsense. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of your visitors will click and it is very logical that the click ratio for every 20 visits is 0. If you need to learn how to improve traffic to your website, you can read this article.

Case 2: My blog is too generic

One of the features of Google Adsense Account is that it generates contextual ads based on sectors. If your page is very generic, the ads will also be, which will be much harder to hit the spot. Instead, if your page is about hosting, tourism or training courses, rest assured that your audience will be people interested in those topics and the ads will deal with that.

In order to monetize a blog with Adsense and succeed, we need a niche business. You have to know: “Who does your blog address? People interested in traveling in Spain? To an audience interested in new technologies? “

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