Oily  skin  has different characteristics as we already know; at the pore aspect level, a higher production of sebum and in some cases, also a greater tendency to present imperfections, granites or comedones. And for this same reason, this type of alterations produce an inflammation in the affected area, which produces an increase in the vascularization in the skin as we will now see. For this reason, we should also pay more attention to sun protection . For two reasons; because they can leave residual marks on the skin due to the action of the sun and because the sun, in this type of oily skin, and more if there is tendency acneica, plays a double role, being able to produce a rebound effect if we do not take care of it properly and protect it properly during the sun exposure.

So they need specific care in various aspects of the routine. So here are Best Skin Care tips for oily skin care , especially during these summer months and increased sun exposure.


Cleaning should be specific to oily skin, but we must select cleansers that are respectful to the skin; that is, that the seborregulen, purify and prevent imperfections without compromising the skin barrier, without drying it or dehydrating it. There is a huge variety of cleansers in the market for dermopharmaceuticals and we should look at them if they contain soaps, alcohol, perfumes, etc … Or to give an example, if we have an adult skin with a tendency towards fat but we do not have acne, it is preferable to use a gel without soap. mixed-grease skin, than a soap-based cleanser for seborrheic and acne-prone adolescent skins. Because in this case we will be altering the hydrolipidic barrier and we will not get a deeper cleaning, but it will compromise the health of the skin and dehydrate it excessively.

Proper moisturizing on oily skin:

This tip is fundamental and, especially, during the summer months, is when we should pay more attention. Because, on the one hand, people with oily skin prefer not to feel heavy skin and not apply too many products and on the other hand, with higher temperatures loses more water and dehydrates more easily. Therefore, it is important to hydrate it in depth with a cosmetic that does not contribute fat, with a texture that is light and fast absorption without fat sensation, and that is non-comedogenic to avoid the appearance of imperfections. In this case I propose the Regenerating Serum with Fotoliasa de Ladival,which is suitable for all skin types and fulfills several functions, in addition to the requirements I just mentioned. Also, it prevents the appearance of spots and protects the skin against oxidative stress and photoaging. In addition, to provide a lot of hydration, a regenerating action and antioxidant thanks to panthenol and vitamin E. This function is key in oily skin, especially if there is a tendency for granites to appear , because in this area will appear inflammation and increased vascularization , which will favor residual marks and stain formation . So the combination of this Serum with Fotoliasa and sunscreen,will help us to prevent hyperpigmentation in these areas; thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of panthenol or vitamin B5 and filters against 3 solar radiation.

Daily sun protection:

We know that it is very important all year, but there are two key points when selecting a sunscreen for oily skin. The first is the light texture, which is oil-free, non-comedogenic and without dyes, as they can clog the pore and favor the appearance of imperfections and granites. And the second, is that it has high filters compared to 3 solar radiation to protect them from pigmentation as we just mentioned in the previous section. Since, if there are imperfections, they can leave the area pigmented if we do not protect them from the sun. A good choice is Ladival Sensitive and Allergic Skins which, being oil-free and gel-cream texture, is also suitable for mixed fats and acne prone skin, in addition you have the option without color and color.

A PLUS on weekly facial hygiene:

All skin should use at least once a week a specific treatment for a thorough hygiene and in the case of oily skin, this extra care is still more necessary to clean the pore in depth, seborregular, smooth its texture and prevent formation of granites. In this case, the masks are usually a great option, since other products like scrubs especially if there are imperfections are not highly recommended. Also exfoliating chemicals, such as alpha hydroxy acids, work very well (although we must be more careful in the summer months if we are going to be very exposed to the sun), or enzymatic.

Adapt the routine to our daily habits of life:

This means that it is not going to be the same routine of a greasy skin that spend most of the day outdoors during the summer months, that of a greasy skin that spend 80% of the hours of sun in a closed place . But in both cases, we must apply in the morning, after cleansing, hydration and sunscreen. And be aware of renovating it, at least every two hours, when we are outdoors. Or on the street. We will adapt the use of treatments to our habits . And for example, if we apply the sunscreen in the morning and at noon, we practice some outdoor sports, be it running, a game of tennis, etc … we must renew it before.

Specific Makeup:

If we have oily skin, we do not want to apply these months of heat, 3 or 4 layers of cosmetics on the skin. That is why, many times, it is preferable to replace the makeup, for a compact that in addition to including the filters and that is suitable for oily skin. That’s why Ladival’s oil-free finishes with matting and non-comedogenic finishes are a very comfortable option to make up daily and at the same time incorporate sunscreen in one step. In addition, its two tones are very natural and offer a medium-high coverage. And they allow us to renew the application of sunscreen throughout the day and touch up the makeup.

Do not abuse the sun, why especially in this type of skins ?:

We all know that we should not abuse the sun and less in the central hours of the day, for skin health, since it is the time of highest solar radiation index and the skin will be exposed to greater damage, both short and long term. But in addition, fat skins, in summer apparently improve and then can suffer the so-called “rebound effect of the sun . ” In skin with acne tendency is very frequent this effect after the summer, reason why it is very important not to leave the hygiene daily and weekly, although in appearance notice

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