Luck in poker

When we talk about world series of poker promo code we talk about a game of cards that day by day evolves its way to the sport category, the first signs are already here, televised retransmissions of tournaments with detailed analysis and comments of plays, international events, sponsors, etc.

Those who have managed to interpret the essence of the game itself today are professionals in the industry, people who win tournaments with millionaire prizes beating thousands of participants, signs succulent contracts for wearing the sponsored clothing of the most important rooms, and works day after day. day in front of the screen of a computer playing several games at a time and obtaining great economic benefits for it.

Now, what role can chance play in this context?

We could say that the Spanish Juan Maceiras (vietcong01 on PokerStars) winner of two Sunday Million, two Super Tuesday and a Sunday Warmup, with an estimated earnings of more than one million dollars for his participation in these and many other events or currently considered best poker player in the world Phil Ivey with seven WSOP bracelets and twelve million dollars in his account are lucky men?

Perhaps it would be more reasonable to think that both have mastered better than their rivals concepts that leave the luck aside to focus the results of the game on their own abilities.

Just take a walk around the different online poker rooms to observe that they all have a section where they offer different types of lessons and strategies.

So if there are strategies for the game, luck is definitely not a factor that decides who wins and who loses.

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