Q: Where did the systems come from?

A: Our unique Social Media Marketing system has been under development for over ten years: It is the result of a constantly evolving business advertising model, and the belief that the term SEO, (search engine optimization) is outdated. We call it Social Media Marketing. We do not sell SEO – we sell Social Media Marketing, which includes and results in SEO, traffic and sales.

Our Social Media Marketing service creates traffic and leads and creates search engine placement with links-in from authority sites, and the actual number of indexed pages:

Q: How can you put everyone on the first page of Google?

A: We cannnot: We are exclusive to our ongoing clients for that reason: There are only ten slots (the top ten) that we consider to be first page results.

Q: How will this affect my search placement?

A: Links to your website will be from authority sites will boost your page rank, and the service includes onsite SEO for your website: you will come up on the first page organic search results for your chosen key words – without paying the search engines, without breaking any rules.

Q: How much must I write?

A: Once per week: you can include local news you found on Google, in your local paper, from a friend; whatever.

Q: Will my stuff be edited?

A: That is completely up to you on your setup – it is edited twice before is appears in Real Estate Magazine, or at RISMedia.com.

Q: Can you do the writing for me?

A: We can do some writing for you: but the idea is to get unique, quality data: however, it is perfectly acceptable for one of your employees or agents to do the writing, and it can be compiled from a group of people (for instance: all your employees, or your visitors to your website)

Q: What kind of content producers – local editors – are you looking for?

A: We make real-content producers of all of our clients, and we are looking for medium size or larger Real Estate Brokers who can feed local news to us and our readers, and co-sponsor our local listings for consumers.

Q: Do you have IDX for the local listings?

A: Yes, we have a strategic allie who provides this service for RISMedia.com/local.

Q: What kind of exposure will I get?

A: You will be exposed to our entire subscription base; all of our readers; all of our website visitors that are interested in your local area: and your articles will be distributed to all of them, and to the whole world, on many search engines and directories, including Google!

Q: What am I buying?

A: Ours is a bundled service: you will have representation and receive service on many fronts: regardless of where you buy or whom you buy from. We believe in strategic alliance to better perform for and provide service to you: our mutual clientele.

Q: How do I qualify?

A: After you make a financial commitment, you will be provided with a detailed questionnaire: if you do not qualify, your money will be refunded: your position is protected until the process is complete.

Q: How much will it cost to renew and maintain my exclusivity?

A: Ongoing exclusive representation within an industry or an area varies, and is a minimum of $500 per month: the price for the service is expected to increase as does the value for ongoing advertising, branding, placement, promotion and exclusive authorship for local news.